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Google Will Now Favor Mobile-Friendly Sites

21 Apr. 2015Last week we wrote an article about how crucial it is that your site is optimized for mobile and tablet use. With Google’s newest update you have even more of a reason to make your site responsive. In order to keep everyone on their toes, Google is constantly making changes to its algorithm. The second … Continue reading

Google Crowns Mobile As King

21 Apr. 2015It’s happened! Google has declared ‘mobilegeddon’, or at least that’s what some are calling it. Mobile sites are to be favored in search engine optimization (SEO). Are you one of them? Keeping up with the latest Google algorithm can be a full time job. Considering all of the Pandas, Penguins and Hummingbirds, it’s a lot...

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Mobilegeddon: Google Favours Mobility

21 Apr. 2015

Posted by Madeleine Bruce

As of today, Google is making the move to favour websites which are optimised for mobile. Are you ready? Dubbed ‘mobilegeddon’ by a few of the more melodramatic writers on the web, Google’s plans to favour websites which are optimised for mobile web surfers have hit the headlines over the past couple of weeks. Today,...

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A Guide To Server Backups (Infographic)

21 Apr. 2015

Chances are, in your lifetime you'll come into contact with data storage failure for any number of reasons. Be prepared, back up your data!

The post A Guide To Server Backups (Infographic) appeared first on VPS.NET Cloud Server Blog | VPS.NET.

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Why Your Website Needs To Be Responsive: The Hard Evidence

20 Apr. 2015Making sure your site can be viewed from mobile and tablet screens can seem intimidating and also pointless, but it is actually a simple process. If you haven’t created a responsive site yet, here is why you should care. Building a website is a big task, and just as you finally get it exactly as...

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Want To Connect More With Your Audience? Cut The “Tech” Speak

20 Apr. 2015In order to create compelling content that makes potential clients want to buy from you, make sure you’re speaking to them in a language they understand. The best way to do this? Speak your native language, not tech. One of the biggest challenges that tech-oriented businesses face is how to relate more to their audience. … Continue reading

Have You Done Your Quarterly Review?

20 Apr. 2015

Posted by Madeleine Bruce

It’s official – The first quarter of 2015 has passed. So, how is your business doing so far? Believe it or not, March is behind us, signifying the end of the first business quarter. With the year flying by, have you stopped to review the first quarter of your business? Although the official periodical Quarterly...

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A History Of Java

20 Apr. 2015

We’re taking a closer look at the building blocks of a website. As one of the most influential programming languages alive on the web, Java has some pretty rich history... Java has become one of the world’s leading programming languages, … Continue reading

The post A History Of Java appeared first on VPS.NET Cloud Server Blog | VPS.NET.

Simplifying Your Life – How Long Would It Take To Binge-watch A TV Series?

17 Apr. 2015Thanks to the website you can see exactly how long it will take to binge-watch the next complete TV series on your must-watch list. You’ve once again reached the end of a rewarding work week. You’ve climbed the email mountain and now you’re ready to kick back and enjoy a couple of days off. … Continue reading

How Strong Is Your Password?

17 Apr. 2015Oh the dreaded password. They come by the dozen and are needed for almost everything we set out to accomplish. We’ve moved beyond ‘password’ and ‘123456’ but how strong is your password really? When registering for any account for retail or services, we find ourselves typing a password for the approval rating of that particular...

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Learning About Linux

17 Apr. 2015Have you ever been confused about what Linux really is? Look no further than’s introduction to Linux. In the tech world the growth and advancements of Linux are talked about almost daily. Many of you are already familiar with this unique operating system. Others may have only heard its name when purchasing web hosting … Continue reading

Game Of Thrones Returns!

17 Apr. 2015

Huzzah! Our favorite television series is back on our screens, and we haven’t been left disappointed as of yet… We’ve been excited about season five of Game of Thrones since the end of season four, much like the rest of … Continue reading

The post Game Of Thrones Returns! appeared first on VPS.NET Cloud Server Blog | VPS.NET.

6 Tips For A Successful Business Blog

17 Apr. 2015

Posted by Neil Cumins

A business blog can generate 126% more leads from potential customers, but how can you make it a success? Here are six top tips… The one thing the internet does is give everyone a voice.Tumblr alone has over 220 million blog accounts currently registered. Almost a quarter of internet time is spent either reading blogs...

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Happy New Tax Year!

16 Apr. 2015Whew! Tax season is finally over! Rather than dread doing it all again next year, here are some habits that can make your tax season a little bit brighter… Most think of taxes as a once-a-year pain in the you-know-what, but they don’t have to be. According to Forbes contributor Robert W. Wood, exceptionally tax-averse...

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Is Facebook The Future Of The Internet?

16 Apr. 2015

Facebook is shaping up to become the main portal for many when entering the internet, but is this really something we want? Facebook’s ambition seems to be to take over the internet. Is it The Matrix? Recent speculations on the … Continue reading

The post Is Facebook The Future Of The Internet? appeared first on VPS.NET Cloud Server Blog | VPS.NET.

Where Are All the Single Letter Domains?

15 Apr. 2015Ever notice that we don’t have a brand in mind for What about Read on for the answer to all single letter domains, from to… In-demand web addresses don’t come cheap: in fact they can cost millions. The normal protocol is the shorter the name, the higher the price. This got...

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5 Tools To Help You Manage Your Social Media

15 Apr. 2015Use these five simple tools to increase your social media presence. Social media is now much more than just a way for teenagers to share gossip and photos. It is now a powerful niche of marketing that can make or break a hopeful startup. There’s no denying that a respectable following on Twitter or multiple … Continue reading

Introducing .wales & .cymru!

15 Apr. 2015

Posted by Madeleine Bruce

You can now get your very own .wales & .cymru domain names from UK2… This week the 3 million people of Wales are celebrating, as the .wales and .cymru domain names have become available for registration. Following in the footsteps of the hugely successful .UK gTLD, .wales and .cymru are now available for registration. Geographical domain names have been...

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Is Your Site Optimized For Mobile Use?

14 Apr. 2015Consumers accessing websites via mobile is increasing at an astonishing rate. Is your site fully optimized to meet the demand? Cisco recently released a report showing mobile network growth in the year 2014. Although the increase in mobile data usage is nothing new, the rate at which it’s growing is surprising. In only one year: … Continue reading

Amazon Dashes Forward With New Home Technology

14 Apr. 2015Amazon has created a solution to consumers going to their cupboards for household essentials, only to find their desired item was forgotten about in the weekly shop. But is it just a little too out there to catch on? And what will it mean for competitor brands? Our friends at Amazon have done it again. … Continue reading