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Getting Started With E-commerce Plugins

31 Jul. 2014

A guide to improving your buyers’ experience online… As many of you will know, one of WordPress’ greatest merits is its open-sourced architecture. The coding for WordPress can be altered by anyone with basic programming skills, with over 30,000 plug-ins currently available to download on the website. These control everything from cache acceleration through...

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How Will Search Engines Treat the New TLDs?

30 Jul. 2014Jessica Furseth explores the new TLD debate: Will Google favour .com or .photography? The release of new top-level domains (TLDs) means a whole host of alternative web addresses are available in addition to the traditional .com. But how will the newcomers fare on search engines? It may have been all about the .com for a long...

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The Nouveau Minimalism

30 Jul. 2014Clean, fresh, inspiring, and looking good on any device - those are the characteristics of the world’s favorite websites right now... At the start of the year, everyone from independent web designers to future forecasting sites like Econsultancy were predicting … Continue reading

UK Tech Habits: Under the Microscope

30 Jul. 2014

How techonomic are you? Compare your tech habits to the rest of the world here… If you’re reading this blog, there’s a good chance you’re no technophobe. Firstly, because you’re reading digitally, and secondly, because you probably have, or are thinking about having, a UK2 product. But have you ever wondered how your tech habits...

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E.A.T: The Not-So-Secret Secret To SEO

29 Jul. 2014A leaked internal Google manual has finally shed a little bit of light on the search engine’s SEO policies, reveals Kelly Kirkham… On March 31 2014, Google’s Quality Rater’s Manual 5.0 was created. On June 11 2014, it was leaked to the World Wide Web. The 160-page manual reveals that Google ranks websites based on … Continue reading

Website Builder Troubles Solved: Adding a Form

29 Jul. 2014

Designing a website with Website Builder is easy as pie. But there are a few advanced techniques that can be a bit tricky to get your head around… The UK2 tech team don’t get many calls about Website Builder. However, when they do, they fall into three categories. In this series of articles, we’ll help...

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Email Problems Explained

29 Jul. 2014Having trouble sending or receiving emails? Here are a few of the most common causes of complications… If you are having problems sending or receiving email, you may feel like pulling your hair out. But before you do, let us explain some of the common reasons why emails go wrong. In most cases, you can...

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Behind the Scenes of a Password

28 Jul. 2014Hayden Smith explains how computers store passwords and how compromises happen… There are many articles online arguing on the importance of choosing a strong password to protect your online accounts, and importantly using different passwords on each site. There are arguments towards using various mixed characters and symbols to increase complexity, though I’m personally a...

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Confessions of a SysAdmin

28 Jul. 2014Last week, we celebrated the annual SysAdmin day by feeding our own SysAdmins cakes and running a confessions competition to give SysAdmins everywhere the chance to win a Samsung 840 EVO 1TB SSD in return for sharing the biggest FacePalm … Continue reading

A Weekend Without Social Media

28 Jul. 2014

On July 18th, I made a vow. As the weekend approached, like an oasis of tranquility on the horizon, I vowed I would turn off Facebook and Twitter. Not for an hour or two, not for the day. For the entire weekend. Since it is somewhat my job is to be plugged into social media...

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Fetch It!

25 Jul. 2014A guide to merging your email accounts that should help you avoid blacklisting and downtime… How many email accounts do you have floating around the web? The average person has access to between five and seven. School, work, home… they tend to add up quickly. How many email accounts do you actually check on a...

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Happy SysAdmin Day!

25 Jul. 2014SysAdmin day comes but once a year and when it does… it’s an excuse to watch YouTube and eat cake in the office… 364 days a year, SysAdmins are firefighters, medics and law enforcement officers. They put out fires when … Continue reading

5 Things You Never Knew About Crowdfunding

25 Jul. 2014

If you think you know everything about crowdfunding, think again… This week, UK2 attended a talk at Google’s tech hub, Campus, on the future of crowdfunding. We’ve interviewed countless Kickstarter success stories on our blog, so we thought we knew a thing or two about the practice. We were wrong. Here’s are five things we...

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More Reasons to Sell .london

24 Jul. 2014  The reasons to sell .london domains keep on coming… Since it was announced that the new domain .london is going to go on sale in September, there’s been quite a stir. YouGov reported that one in four of London’s small businesses were thinking about buying one, that’s a massive 220,000 business. When questioned about … Continue reading

The Secrets of the Share Button

24 Jul. 2014The reasons why videos go viral was a mystery for years, but now analysts are starting to find a formula for what makes people pass content on…   It seems pretty random but it’s not – there’s a reason why that one video of a cat in a box, or that man gushing over a...

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Keeping Up With The Joneses – Web Address Style

24 Jul. 2014

Apple, Chanel, Walmart and Coke are all getting up to speed with the new generation of web addresses. Are you? Since the start of the year, the Internet has been full of stories about the way the online landscape is transforming. In January, a new range of web address endings were released for sale, as...

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Renewing Domain Names: A Lesson From Sony

23 Jul. 2014No-one’s immune from domain name expiration – not even big companies like Sony. Here’s how to avoid it… Renewing your domain name is an easy process. In fact, you can set it up, so renewal is automatic. Yet, thousands of web address names are left to expire every month, by mistake. Last week, mega entertainment...

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The Anatomy of a Server

22 Jul. 2014A server shares a lot of physical similarities with the computer on your desk and even the laptop you carry around.  A few components are different in design to what you may find in a home PC, though. If you … Continue reading

Win A Samsung 840 EVO 1TB SSD on SysAdmin Day

21 Jul. 2014To celebrate SysAdmin Day, are launching a confessional competition... They might not have a uniform or a flashing siren of their own, but in today’s technological world, the IT team are the fourth emergency service. They’re the first on … Continue reading

Understanding Account Limits – High Loads

18 Jul. 2014“Dear valued customer, Recently your account has been noted as causing a high load on the shared server.” If you’ve ever received a message such as this one, you’re probably familiar with the panic they may cause. Web hosting from a shared server is an excellent way to manage your web content at a low … Continue reading